Google Maps Street View Comes to Cleveland -- See Cleveland Clinic, UH, Metro, SVCH, etc.

Last week, Google Maps Street View expanded to more metropolitan areas in the U.S. and now includes Cleveland.

The Cleveland hospitals have become the "crown jewels" of the city. Some of the top health institutions in the country, and indeed, in the world, are located in Cleveland and now you can see them as if you there, from street level:

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This view from Euclid Avenue shows "the past and the future" of Cleveland Clinic. The original Clinic building is shown on the right and the new all-glass building of the Heart Institute is shown on the left.

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My office is in one of the buildings in the middle, called H. There are buildings from "A to Z" at Cleveland Clinic, and in fact, building A is shown below:

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The Crile building of Cleveland Clinic (building A)

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University Hospitals (UH)

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St. Vincent Hospital (SVCH)

Street View images like the ones above can easily be embedded in websites and blogs, so go ahead and share your favorites.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Dimov is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, and a Staff Physician at the Department of Hospital Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. All opinions expressed here are those of their authors and not of their employer.

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