Clinical Case: Hepatic Hydrothorax

A 63 yo female was admitted to the hospital with progressive dyspnea of one-week duration. She also had orthopnea but denied chest pain, cough, palpitations, wheezing, fever or chills.

Lung exam showed decreased air entry bilaterally, mostly on the right side with decreased vocal resonance and tactile fremitus with dullness to percussion over the right infra-axillary and infra-scapular areas.

What is the most likely diagnosis?
Pleural effusion

CT of the chest

What is the cause of the effusion?

Read the rest of the case report on Hepatic Hydrothorax – An Uncommon Complication Of Cirrhosis.

The author of this clinical case is Moises Auron, M.D. from the Department of Hospital Medicine, Cleveland Clinic.

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