CNN: 5 ways to help your doctor help you

There is a simple rule: if you want the blogosphere to link to your post, make a list of "Top 5" of something (anything). The editors at CNN know that and here it is:

5 ways to help your doctor help you

1. Bring in a list of medications
2. Come armed with your personal health history
3. Bring in your recent test results and doctors' notes
4. Make a list of your concerns
5. Don't ask your doctor insurance questions

The CNN tips above seem very reasonable. The language of #2 is bit over the top though -- patients should not come to doctor's office "armed" with anything. Patient-physician interaction is not a war but a peaceful collaboration to achieve the best possible results for you, the patient.

5 ways to help your doctor help you. CNN.
Adam Dimitrov, M.D., Faculty, Department of Family Practice, Franklin Square Hospital Center
CNN: 5 Operations You Don't Want to Get
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