Next Phase in Procedure Training: Wireless, Sweating, Breathing, Bleeding Mannequin

Live from ShowCASE: iStan

Chris Seper of the Cleveland Plain Dealer continues his excellent coverage of the annnual Case Western Reserve University Research ShowCASE:

"Meet iStan, a wireless, sweating, breathing, bleeding training mannequin on display at the Case Western Reserve University Research ShowCASE. It's used at the Mt. Sinai Skills and Simulation Center, and is slowly deploying nationwide."

I am proud to be part of the event -- we are presenting a total of 6 posters this year.

Do not forget to check our own procedure guides for central line placement and thoracentesis. They are richly illustrated with full-size photos with captions. The procedure guides are completely free and can be downloaded to a smartphone or a PDA, or accessed through Picasa Mobile on the go.

Screenshot of Thoracentesis - A PDA Procedure Guide from MeisterMed.

Case Western Reserve University ShowCASE to Highlight Research Projects - Web 2.0 Included
Central Line Placement: A Step-by-Step Procedure Guide with Photos
Thoracentesis: A Step-by-Step Procedure Guide with Photos
Procedure Guides Step-by-Step
Free Procedure Guides for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile and Palm

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