WSJ: Understanding Sen. Kennedy’s Brain Tumor

From Wikipedia:

"In October 2007, Sen. Kennedy had surgery to clear up a blocked left carotid artery (carotid artery stenosis).

In May 2008, Kennedy was rushed to Cape Cod Hospital from the Kennedy Compound after feeling ill and consulting with his physician, and then was subsequently transferred by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It was later reported that Kennedy had suffered two seizures, one initially at his Hyannis Port home and another on a helicopter en route to Massachusetts General Hospital from Cape Cod Hospital.

A few days later, doctors discovered that Kennedy has a malignant glioma, a type of cancerous brain tumor."

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According to WSJ Health Blog:

“Unfortunately, the older you are, the more likely it’s a glioblastoma,” Patrick Wen, clinical director at the Dana-Farber Center for Neuro-Oncology, told the Health Blog. Kennedy is 76. The average survival for a glioblastoma is 14.5 months, but survival tends to be shorter in elderly patients, Wen said.

Kennedy’s doctors said his tumor is in the left parietal lobe, a section of the brain that plays a role in sensation for the right side of the body, and in the ability to understand language."

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