How to watch video lectures on Windows Mobile phones: Skyfire

I have used Opera Mobile browser for years but a newcomer among mobile browsers called Skyfire is much better for streaming video. In fact, Skyfire is so good that you can watch almost any video you are able to see on your desktop computer -- videos from CNN, NBC Nightly News, TV episodes on, etc.

This is how I use Skyfire to watch immunology lectures on my Windows-based mobile phone (MotoQ 9c):

1. Download and install Skyfire.

2. Go to the Immunology Lectures from the University of South Carolina at

3. Click on any of the lectures to stream the slides and the talk in Adobe Flash format.

Skyfire Mobile Browser Demo

Skyfire is a mobile web browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 v3. As of November 2008, it is available for users with American or Canadian phone numbers.

It is the first browser software for Windows Mobile which can view Adobe Flash content and streaming video.

Skyfire works similar to Opera Mini, in that the webpage is fully rendered by a server separate from the mobile device, similar to the operation of a thin client. The output is sent as images annotated with interactive items such as links and text-fields.

Features such as Adobe Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime are usable without additional plug-ins on the device, and can be easily updated server-side without the need to update the client.

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Updated: 06/22/2009


  1. hi Dr Ves Dimov, its wonderful the effort you make in making doctors to be uptodate with the technology, the suggestion i have for you though is, since a good number of your readers could be either residents or medical student like me , please could you also post some clinical scenarios that are dedicated towards solving clinical problems on weekly basis, this is just my suggestion. thank you

  2. Great idea. Will implement it -- "Case of the Week" should be available as a regular feature next month. Thank you for the suggestion.