Tips for New Medical Bloggers: How to Get Noticed?

A common scenario: You have a new medical blog with the greatest content ever and you want to share it with world but nobody visits you blog yet. What to do?

Here are some tips for new medical bloggers who want to make their blog popular or at least read by more than just the author:

1. Comment on other medical blogs and leave your URL. Make substantial comments and only do it if you have something interesting and/or important to add.

2. Submit to Grand Rounds, the weekly medical blog carnival.

3. Open a Twitter account and update it when you publish a new post. Link your profile to your blog URL. Follow other medical bloggers on Twitter. Reply to their tweets. Most people on Twitter have at least a cursory look when somebody starts following them.

4. Include your blog URL in your email signature.

5. Post often, preferably daily or at least 2-3 times per week. Active blogs with quality content attract Google bots and eventually may lead to better search engine ranking.

Duty calls. Image source:, Creative Commons license.

This is a post in a series of brief articles with practical tips for medical bloggers.

From Om Malik's Tips On Blogging:

I started GigaOM (the blog) over seven years ago, and decided to share two things that are two rules I almost always follow, and when I don’t I regret.

1. Wait at least 15 minutes before publishing something you’ve written—this will give you enough distance to edit yourself dispassionately.

2. write everything as if your mom is reading your work, a good way to maintain civility and keep your work comprehensible.

10 Ways To Build Your Readership. Nicole Simon.

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Example Blog Launch Checklist:

Updated: 05/12/2009

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