CTisus.org: Free and Useful Radiology Education Website by Johns Hopkins

CTisus.com is created and maintained by The Advanced Medical Imaging Laboratory (AMIL) -- a team dedicated to research and education using medical imaging with a focus on spiral CT and 3D imaging.

The AMIL is part of the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD.

A screenshot of the website is shown below:

The team behind CTisus.com also produces free vodcasts and podcasts: "Our lectures are now brought to you in Vodcast format. If you are already subscribed to the free CTisus Podcast, you will automatically receive our Vodcasts as well."

CTisus.com helps keep you up to date with the latest CT literature through the regular Journal Club and Imaging Pearls -- each month the editors provide summaries of key articles (12-20 per month) as well as a pearls section (25-75 per month) with bullet format key imaging information.

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