Case of the Week: Finger Clubbing

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A 56-year-old African American male (AAM) was seen in the ER for bronchitis a year ago. The CXR showed a right upper lobe (RUL) mass, and the patient was told to follow-up with his physician but he never did.

Finger clubbing in a long-term smoker with a suspected lung cancer.


A PA CXR showed a small RUL mass a year ago.

The RUL mass seen on the previous CXR a year ago has increased in size.

What is the most likely cause of this patient's symptoms?

Read more about the Schamroth sign that is named not only after a physician who described it but also after the patient who happened to be the physician himself.

Read the rest of the case here: Finger Clubbing due to Lung Cancer from Clinical Cases and Images.

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