Zagat "eat-and-tell restaurant guide" turns focus to medicine and physician reviews

From The International Herald Tribune:

  • Zagat doctor reviews are being introduced online to millions of WellPoint's Blue Cross plan members across the country

  • A doctor comments on upcoming Zagat doctor reviews: "Are patients the best judges of health care?"

  • Bad doctor reviews "in many occasions are posted by a disgruntled employee, an ex-spouse or even a competitor."


Zagat turns focus to medicine, IHT, 2/2009.
Same article but with a few photos on NYT: Noted Rater of Restaurants Brings Its Touch to Medicine.
Analysis of 4,999 Online Physician Ratings: most patients gave positive reviews (2011 study) - It begs the question: couldn't researchers add 1 more for a round number 5,000?
Rate Your M.D. on, well...
Googling Ourselves — What Physicians Can Learn from Online Rating Sites. NEJM, 2010.
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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. It is interesting. What happens to doctors whose patients are angry with them for not giving the diagnosis the patient wants? Or when personalities clash? Besides who knows best about care, patients or doctors? If doctors have a good bedside manor and patients rank them high; however, the doctor actually isn't as qualified as a peer who was rated low due to his personality. It is an interesting idea and will be curious to see how it turns out. This was done in the academic world a while back. I am not sure if it really took off, b/c again it is another web2.0 tool for people to learn.
    Paul Levy posted about this too:
    TY ~ Alisha
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