"Dad defends loopy kid's video "David After Dentist"

"David After Dentist" is a YouTube hit with more than 54 million views.

Video: David After Dentist, a little boy gets out of the dentist's chair and is a little woozy.

Poor guy. I felt sorry for him. However, he looks much happier in the CNN follow-up video embedded at the top.

Family cashing in on 'David After Dentist'

CNN follow-up story from March 2010:

The viral clip has been viewed almost 54 million times and gave rise to the catchphrase and has been an unexpected bonanza for the boy's Orlando, Florida-area family, who, despite some criticism that they exploited their child by posting his image online, has turned the 1:59 min home video into a lucrative sideline. The surgeon who performed the surgery on David "wants nothing to do with the video," DeVore said.

DeVore used to work as a real-estate agent but has quit that for now to focus on the little "David After Dentist" empire. The video continues to get about 100,000 views a day. He has even heard from medical students who want to use the video in presentations about anesthesiology.

He would not say exactly how much the family has earned from the video but said it's in the "low six figures." The video's popularity may also help pay for David's college tuition. The family earns money from licensing use of the video and gets a cut of revenue from the ads placed around the clip on YouTube.

360 Shot: Trip to the dentist. A little boy gets out of the dentist's chair and is a little.

Updated: 03/18/2010

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