A headline you never want to see again: "Dead mice found at salmonella U.S. peanut plant"

From the FDA inspectors' report:

* A dead mouse stuck to a glue trap. "The mouse appeared to have died recently," the report reads.

* "What appeared to be rodent excreta pellets too numerous to count were observed in the cabinet under the sink in the south most kitchen."

* "In the cabinet north of the dishwasher ... I counted approximately 27 rodent excreta pellets."

* "Another dead mouse was found just outside the south most doorway of the kitchen. ... This mouse also appeared to have recently died."

* "What appeared to be a bird's nest was observed in the wall/ceiling metal support beam at southwest corner of the mezzanine area."

* Processing machines had buildup of "gooey" peanut paste.

* Numerous roof leaks.

Salmonella. Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus. Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Dead mice found at salmonella U.S. peanut plant. Reuters.
Image source: Peanut butter in a jar, Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.

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