Selection of My Twitter Favorites, Edition 47

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages (called "tweets") that you find useful, amusing, or both. Here is the 47th edition of My Twitter Favorites (the oldest post is at the bottom, the newest at the top): Micro-blogging on Twitter is easy, fun and can be very useful and educational if you follow/subscribe to interesting people.
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  1. Aaron Loganpyknosis Read an H&P today that began, "Mr. X was in his usual state of health until eating a banana last night at midnight."
  2. Loic Le Meurloic getting the NYTimes every day by email reminds me I should read it every day but I don't. I don't unsubscribe either. I am weak.
  3. Loic Le Meurloic Following 400 people I really know like I am doing now already gives you about a new tweet every minute...
  4. CEO -TonyzapposIn elevator, wanted to know cell phone carrier girl used b/c she said she had beautiful reception. She meant wedding reception
  5. Aaron Loganpyknosis Rain + wind = misery
  6. Michael ArringtonTechCrunch amazing: "immigrants have founded more than half of all Silicon Valley start-ups in the past decade"
  7. David PoguePogue At airport en route to Orlando for a talk. PA says: "Do not accept packages from unknown people." mean, as opposed to "STRANGERS?"
  8. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes All organizations, hospitals and physician practices must have a set a "blogging policy" to guide staff
  9. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes I find less value in the blogs I'm reading recently (both tech and medical). Is Twitter distracting us all?
  10. Jason Shellenshellen Never debate the reality of Sponge Bob with a 4-year old. You may not get an honest answer if you ask "Have you ever seen a talking squid?"
  11. David Schronceschroncd Freddie Mac head resigning. Moffett says he'll return to financial services sector. In recent years he's been in the financial losses sector
  12. Ed BennettEdBennett We are doing a fairly strong Social Media effort, but for every 1,000 referals, Google brings in 700, Social Media brings in 1 #healthcomm
  13. Loic Le Meurloic hesitating between 1) tidy up my todo list 2) tidy up my home office 3) go running it's not raining but I'm lazy 4) keep talking to you guys
  14. David Schronceschroncd I only listen to rap music in my car ... at red lights ... when it's playing in the car beside me.
  15. Aaron Loganpyknosis "That isn't MINE, is it?" my patient asked incredulously while pointing to the liter of fluid I just removed from her chest.
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