Selection of My Twitter Favorites, Edition 53

Twitter is a microblogging service where people answer the question "What are you doing?" via 140-character messages from their cellphone, laptop or desktop. You can select the messages (called "tweets") that you find interesting, useful, amusing, or disagreeable. Here is the 53rd edition of My Twitter Favorites (the oldest post is at the bottom, the newest at the top): Micro-blogging on Twitter is easy, fun and can be very useful and educational if you follow/subscribe to interesting people. You can read more here: A Doctor's Opinion: Why I Started Microblogging on Twitter and visit my account at Twitter/AllergyNotes.

  1. J. SchwimmerKidneyNotes Doctors my age can't imagine training with the Internet. And doctors now in training can't imagine life without it.
  2. Jason Shellenshellen The more times the nice lady on the pre-recorded Comcast activation line says "your business is important to us..." the less I believe her.
  3. ctsinclairctsinclair The creators of the MMSE have lawyers to make sure researchers pay for every use of the MMSE. Instead use MDAS for delirium asessment #AAHPM
  4. Loic Le Meurloic going to my son's football match with my kindle, my iphone and my blackberry. I am really sick, I know I suck.
  5. J. SchwimmerKidneyNotes In the coronary care unit today I had cause to use the word "endocarditides" for the first time.
  6. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes Internet reality for hospitals and doctors: @EdBennett: Have a response plan in place when (not if) someone says something bad about you.
  7. Ed BennettEdBennett Rating docs is not new, word of mouth has always been important. The web just makes it visible #hcphl
  8. wheezemdwheezemd Local IgE production in nose of patients with non allergic rhinitis. Intopy not atopy. Patients with negative skin tests may be allergic .
  9. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes Online identity: “If you don’t brand yourself, Google will brand you”
  10. Dave Winerdavewiner why follow the @nytimes on twitter. how is what they do different from what @guykawasaki does?
  11. Chris Seperchrisseper Money quote, medical school official: "A couple years ago we realized many young people seek and acquire information via computer."
  12. Robert ScobleScobleizer Good morning. For the record I write all my own Tweets. 100% authentic Scoble and I answer my own cell phone too at +1-425-205-1921 .
  13. Paul StamatiouStammy for some reason i vaguely feel 15% more productive when it's raining outside. perhaps i need to install a sprinkler outside of my window.
  14. Jason Shellenshellen Day 3 of running. Did you know they keep the Sun, squirrels, trees and other junk outside? I'm give the outdoors a 4 out of 5 on Yelp.
  15. Ves Dimov, M.D.AllergyNotes Robert Scoble finds a "top pediatrician on Yelp: it's not just for restaurants anymore."
  16. Vijay scanman I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time. - Anna Freud #quote
  17. Ric MeiselDrRic Can't convince a relative that weight loss depends on kcal intake. I'm going to have to listen to cookie diet stuff for next 6 mo!
  18. joemdjoemd MD Life: Vibrant man on a ventilator. He had 2-lb dumbells by his hospital bed. He was doing curls. And I'm 2 tired 2 work out???

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