Video: What Can Amazon Kindle 2 Do for You?

Video: What Can Amazon Kindle 2 Do for You?

Features that make Kindle 2 an interesting device:

- free wireless access
- web browser in bascic and advanced mode - works for Google, Wikipedia, probably Pubmed as well
- native support of PDF
- text-to-speech
- MP3 support

Disadvantages: the price of $359 is on the higher side.

Students at CWRU in Cleveland will be given large-screen Kindles with textbooks already installed, a comparison study with "regular" printed textbooks is planned according to the WSJ:

Medieval Helpdesk Solves Problems With a New Technology: The Book.

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  1. One correction; the Kindle 2 (out now) does not have native PDF support. The Kindle DX (out in summer) will have native PDF support and a larger screen. It is possible to convert PDF files to Amazon's format for free by emailing the PDF to the account Amazon creates for you

  2. I think it is still the cheapest way to just borrow books from others or to go to the library.If you´re lucky you can even find new books there, always depends if people in your town donate many books or not.

  3. Can you send emails out from your Kindle?

  4. "Can you send emails out from your Kindle?"

    Not sure. I think you can. For sure, you can access the mobile interface of Gmail and read emails though.