Doctors and dentists among unfortunate few who owe more under proposed income-based loan repayment plan

From Forbes:

"Budding doctors and dentists may be among the unfortunate few who owe more under the income-based repayment plan. Under previous rules, students who were either in medical school or residency could defer all payments on their often-sizable federal Stafford loans (becoming a doctor isn't cheap; the average medical student graduates with $140,000 in student debt).

Under the income-based plan, doctors and dentists will be required to make small monthly payments during residency if they earn more than $16,245. A resident making $56,000, for instance, would owe $503 per month under the income-based repayment plan."

Grads May Soon Repay Student Loans Based On Income. David K. Randall, 06.02.09.
Image source: United States one-dollar bill. Wikipedia, public domain.

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