Health News of the Day

Health News of the Day is a daily summary made from the selected links I post on Twitter. It is in a bullet points format with links to the original sources which include 350 RSS feeds that produce about 2,500 items per day.

  • Vinegar May Aid in Fat Loss: acetic acid may turn on genes that produce proteins that help the body break down fats.

  • 80% of U.S. HIV cases are clustered in 20% of counties -- comprised heavily of minority populations

  • Keep Getting MRSA? Check the Family Pet and

  • Top 5 medical journals impact factor: 1) NEJM 50; 2) JAMA 31.718; 3) LANCET 28.409; 4) ANN INTERN MED 17.457; 5) BMJ 12.827

  • Everywhere you look, there is a medical social networking service - how many are you going to join my dear friends? -- There is no clear winner in the medical social network space - no Twitter/Facebook/YouTube-type success. Let's see what happens....

  • Heat In Parked Car Turns Deadly In Minutes - 106.2 degrees in 10 minutes

  • "What's wrong with Steve Jobs?" The regular speculation post by Orac

  • 25 ways to teach with Twitter: - Alternative title: 25 ways to spend your academic time producing nonacademic work.

  • New Ph.D.s Look Abroad for Jobs - WSJ

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