Secrets of longevity from a Greek island or How to outlive your doctor

Greece - The Secret of the Aged (deutschewelleenglish):

From CNN:

"Since at least the sixth century B.C., Icaria was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans as a health destination -- largely for its hot springs believed to relieve pain, joint problems and skin ailments.

For much of the ensuing two millenniums, people here lived in relative isolation. The people here evolved a unique diet that we believe is a more heart-protective version of the Mediterranean diet. We're doing pharmacological analyses of dozens of herbal teas and unique honey produced by bees that draw pollen of thyme, fir and erica. We think we'll find anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and probiotic properties in these locally produced products.

We also know that people here have a vastly different character than the rest of the Mediterranean. They have volcanic tempers that quickly subside. Despite living on harsh, steep terrain, they're known for relentless optimism and three-day parties. They don't get stressed by deadlines. They go to bed well after midnight, sleep late and take naps. Anecdotally, we know that most people over 90 are sexually active.

Do these people possess the true secret to longevity? We're not sure yet, but we'll certainly distill a few clues about living longer, better."


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  1. It's rarely mentioned by researchers, but many people on these Greek islands are Greek Orthodox, who practice intermittent fasting almost every other day. Surely longevity is related to their diets, social network and carefree attitude, but intermittent fasting has been shown through autophagy to provide powerful anti-aging effects.