Tweets About Social Media

From my Twitter account:

  • There's A Fine Line Between Informing and Spamming Your Followers. The trick is finding out where it is -- Twitter rule is "4-6 a day or you'll send your followers away"- I post 47 per day - you know what to expect

  • "Twitter surgery: wouldn't it be great if the tweets were ACTUALLY what the doctor and staff were really thinking?"

  • How to Build Credibility as a Blogger - "knowledge is only 10% of a credibility score" - not for medical bloggers.

  • More than 50 Google corporate accounts on Twitter, they have a "Twiiter team" too - Why just don't buy the service? :)

  • "We have gotten to the point where it is so easy to publish to the web, that most of it is ignored."

  • Seesmic Web interface for Twitter is actually quite nice - Needs support for multiple accounts (coming soon).

  • Average income for blogs in 2008 was $6,000 but that was influenced heavily by the top 1% of bloggers who earned $200k

  • Snoop Dogg's Top 5 Fatherhood Tips on Martha Stewart show and 5 Words to Learn

Image source:, public domain.

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