iPhone apps for an "iPatient" - iBP, Weight Track, Blood Sugar and Eat Safe

From GigaOM:

There are iPhone apps "that are indispensable to me: iBP, Weight Track and Blood Sugar. Prior to downloading these apps, I recorded my daily blood pressure, weight and glucose levels on a piece of paper, entering the data into a spreadsheet later and mailing it to my doctor every month. These obscure apps aren’t likely to be on the top 10 anytime soon, but they are on my top 10."

From the LA Times:

"Those with serious food allergies know that ordering meals in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can be a dicey and potentially deadly ordeal. Eat Safe, a new iPhone application ($3.99), helps bridge the communication gap between diner and waiter when it comes to ingredients in certain dishes. The program, a model in simplicity, allows the iPhone to display a clear illustration of 18 products, such as fish, dairy products or peanuts, that the patron can’t eat."

How Apple Put Everyone In an App State of Mind. GigaOM.
New iPhone application Eat Safe may help travelers with food allergies. LA Times.


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