Managing the Online Reputation of Your Practice

Quotes from a recent NY Times article extrapolated to the medical field:

Your customers are talking about you and the whole world is listening: Managing Your Small Business’s Online Reputation

84% of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions - How do doctor rating websites relate?

“Social media for business now is life or death" a restaurateur says about online reviews.

Doctors: Do you have a Web page and blog, and are they kept up do date? Is your practice (and you) reviewed in online forums or blogs? What is the first impression?

A Google alert can automatically inform you when your business is mentioned in a review, blog or online publication.

A snarky review may make your blood boil: Give yourself time to cool off and engage in a respectful, courteous manner.

“The most important thing is not to argue with your customer. Listen. Try to put yourself in the customer’s place.”

Doctor rating websites and physicians: "Don’t write fake reviews to puff up your business or trash a competitor."

Image source:, public domain.

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