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  • Breakfast Can Wait. The Day’s First Stop Is Online. Technology has shaken up morning routines — people are increasingly waking up and lunging for their laptops. Sign of the times: Mr. Gude wakes at around 6 a.m. to check his work e-mail and his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Ten Twips for Conference Twitterati

  • Mobile phones now outnumber PCs worldwide by 4 billion to 1.5 billion

  • Twitter troubles show fragility of social networks - Highlights their limited usefulness and interchangeability too.

  • Textbooks Offered For iPhones: Publisher is making its college digital textbooks readable on iPhones and iPods

  • Customer service (and asking for advice) in the age of Twitter:

  • Video: Painting Traditional Way by Indigenous Australians - Indigenous Australians: Nyurru-Warnu Warlpiri media archive is covering 25 years via @BiteTheDust

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