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Half of the most popular Google search queries are predictable , with a mean absolute prediction error of 12%

Pediatrician uses YouTube to replace some educational talks he gives to patients/parents for common office visits

Study: 40% of Twitter messages are "pointless babble." - Only 40%? Only 8.7% of Twitter messages have "value" as they passed along news of interest

BBC: Labour party appoints a "Twitter tsar" to boost its online campaigning

According to @SeeFisch: "VA Hospitals. The MOST cost effective system in USA. 100% government run"

Video: "Motorcycle Texting" - It's not "funny" at all despite the video title. Video: Stop texting while driving - Terrifying. All drivers should watch this.

"Trial of a WhiteCoat – Epilogue" - The end of the series.

If Twitter Consisted of 100 People: Stats in Graphics

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