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Health News of the Day is a daily summary made from the selected links I post on Twitter. It is in a bullet points format with links to the original sources which include 350 RSS feeds that produce about 2,500 items per day:

Flu Shot More Effective Than Nasal Spray

More than 124,000 people in Europe developed cancer last year because they are overweight. Women who had weight-loss surgery were 42% less likely to develop cancer during a 10-year study

A small but statistically significant number of patients die each year when junior doctors start work

WHO: Growing resistance to artemisinin - used to treat multi-drug resistant strains of falciparum malaria

Patients who feel rushed through a medical exam have lower satisfaction rates.

iPhone FoodScanner Makes Calorie Counting a Breeze

Public Misunderstanding Of Studies

Meet the ancestors: Indian population history from gene screening

"Death by Caffeine Test: How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you?"

BBC: 'Tweeting' medics expose patients, many postings included profanity and discriminatory language. -- I suggested this long time ago: medical students should be taught about risks associated with social media.

Medical news tweets are not research articles - they are 140-character messages - please always go to the original source, links, etc. Tweets and links do not represent endorsement, approval or support. Image source:, public domain.

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