How to Prepare a Physician for a Media Interview (TV, radio, etc.)

A physician friend asked: "I am invited to a local TV channel to answer the viewers' questions on pneumonia this Wednesday, it will be live. They just told me that today. Do you ave any experience on this? How should I prepare? Do you have any idea?"

Here are few links and videos to help you:

Asthma TV News Spot. Doctor Anonymous.

Interview techniques and tips for doctors: How to sound and look good on camera. The Doctor's Channel.

Preparing Physicians for Media Interviews Helps Them Communicate More Comfortably and Effectively. The Permanente Journal, Kaiser Permanente.

1. Be prepared.
2. Expect off-the-wall questions.
3. Speak in plain English.
4. Be concise.
5. Guide the interviewer.
7. Don't guess.
8. Nothing's off the record.

Media Tips From Your PR Doctor For Effective Electronic Media Interviews.

Image source: Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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