Pessimism and Cynicism May Increase Risk of Heart Disease and Death

From WebMD and Circulation:

Pessimism and Cynicism Appear to Increase Risk of Heart Disease and Death.

Women who scored highest for optimism had a 9% lower risk for developing heart disease and a 14% lower risk of dying.

Optimists were more likely to:

- be younger
- live in the western U.S.
- have higher education
- have higher income levels
- have a job
- have health insurance
- attend church

MOTORS of Your Life

Studies describe a set of wellbeing practices that are correlated with the feeling of happiness (BMJ, WJM). I tried to summarize them in the mnemonic MOTORS because the pursuit of happiness, in its altruistic sense, can be the motor of your life.

MOTORS” stands for:

Meaning --> find a meaning in what you do for a living but don't forget to set limits around it
Outlook --> have a positive outlook on life. Be philosophical but also focused on success
Time --> spend quality time with F&F (Family & Friends)
Out of of yuppie values --> don't focus on chasing money or prestige
Religious / spiritual practices
Self care practices, like sports or meditation

All these 6 features are correlated with feeling happier, and some of them even with living longer.

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