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  • RT @zappos: "Following "best practices" is a great way to stifle innovation & ensure that your business is average and behind the times"

  • Don’t Let Social Media Comments Ruin Discussions On Your Blog. Aggregating 100’s of people ReTweeting the subject line of your message underneath the conversation adds nothing

  • A good laugh: "HOW DO I TURN CAPS LOCKS OFF?"

  • Musings of a Dinosaur: "The Dirty Little Secret About Patients as Partners in Health Care" -- Note regarding the previous tweet: tweets don't equal agreement or support. Also, I'm against calling people names.

  • "Think of your smart phone as a digital Swiss Army Knife" plus 10 Basic Tech Tips that Make a Difference

  • RT @hartdoctor "My latest fee schedule from United Healthcare 12% reductions in my fees; my premiums for employee health plan up 34%... Hmm"

  • TwitterBar Firefox extension allows you to post to Twitter from the Firefox address bar, you can also post the URL

  • If you use Google Chrome and Google's web applications, then you're already running Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS won't be a traditional operating system, it will just be a wrapper for the cloud.

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