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Blogging has "cleared the obstacles from the path between brain and Web page"

Social media and career advancement in academia

Have you tried Twazzup profiles for Twitter? See mine: - No login needed. Just add your Twitter name to the URL.

Podcasts and Videocasts from UBC Health Library wiki

WebMD mobile for iPhone - List of medical iPhone apps here

RT @FoodAllergyMD: "At Whole Foods, in awe of amount of things that apparently produce milk: soy, rice, goat, almond, hazelnut, hemp, coconut, oat." - Surprised by goat?... :)

A PR expert rages against the employee use of social media - check the comments too

"20 People Who Started As Bloggers, Who Are Now So Much More!" - I didn't see any medical bloggers on the list.. :)

How Many Things Can You Serve On a Stick At A State Fair? - 67. Do you find any healthy food on the list?... :)

You've seen top 50 and top 100 lists. How about "892 Tips you Can Learn From 36 Top Bloggers"?

1999 crowdsourcing: In 1999, the world chess champion Garry Kasparov played against “the World”

"6 Parenting Lessons I've Learned Lately" - by Darren Rowse

Rick Sanchez from CNN: "I want you to shoot me a tweet and hit me on my blog" - Have action words gone too far?... :)

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