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Twitter Etiquette, Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of Twitter -

What level of Twitter user are you?

"How to Turn Your Camera Phone into a Police-Style Dash Cam"

Sydney international food festival: food flag ads

Dan Brown's 20 Worst Sentences"

Bent Objects Promo Video

"The eGFR Consult" - PCP refers an elderly patient to a nephrologist based solely on an eGFR determined to be abnormal

RT @scanman "Medicolegalspeak Reports My reports aren't like this. Malpractice litigation is almost non-existent here"

Scripps Clinic: What are the goals of your social media program? Is there a particular Social Network that you prefer for your hospital program?

Quick primer on the proper way to interact at conferences

A family portrait

Simple solution to polyuria from China Daily

An example of a false scientific conclusion... :)

ePatient Dave: "Give patients (that’s you) access to all their (your) data – so they can help"

RT @Pogue: "1 million followers today. A little scary: that's more than read the Times, more than watch CNBC, more than read my books..."

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