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@BoraZ asks: "Has any science blogger ever pre-published a paper on their blog?" - Many journals will not accept your paper if "pre-published." I regularly publish ideas on my blog that become abstracts/papers but never full manuscripts.

View online files using the Google Docs Viewer

Day in the Life of a Google Docs Student: Practical Examples

Multidimensional Twittology from The Washington Post and The Colors of Dreams

A mnemonic more complicated than the content to be remembered: - Defeats the purpose.

LIFE magazine now available on Google Books via @LanceUlanoff

Math and Science Tutoring on YouTube - Khan Academy has 800 videos - What is "Khan Academy"?

Yahoo Brands Flickr: “Flickr from Yahoo” - Users Retaliate

Emergency Medicine MCQ

10 Best Things We'll Say to Our Grandkids

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