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ER doctor: Why I sent a guy with a normal EKG to the cath lab

Illustrating Differences between Eastern and Western Lifestyle

NYT: Unemployed in U.S. exceed number of jobs available by 6:1 ratio: -- Getting the unemployment rate back to 5% in 5 years would require average monthly job creation of 250,000.

9 Workspaces Where Famous Folks Get Stuff Done

Ask-A-Librarian Column: What Exactly Do You Do? A Clinician’s Guide to the Medical Librarian

A Week in the Clouds Without a Notebook

New prototype from the NYT serves up custom RSS feeds - you choose the topic

"Partisan Political Contributions by U.S. Companies" and

Video: Expand Your Blog By Adding a Book

Know When People Stop Following You on Twitter

Ortho surgeon @hjluks: "saw 2 patients in office today because I responded to their DM !! 3 patients from website" - What's you experience?

Google Docs has added an equation editor so students can complete math problems within a document

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