Decreasing risk of death by 80% at the cost of $12 per month

High-risk patients who took 3 older drugs - statin, lisinopril, aspirin - cut risk of a heart attack or stroke by 80% (source: Reuters).

All of those are on the Walmart's $4 list which means you can decrease your risk of death by 80% for $12 per month (if you have the risk factors).

"Even in people who took it less than half the time, they got over a 60 percent drop in heart attacks and strokes," said Dr. R. James Dudl of Kaiser Permanente in California, whose study was published in the American Journal of Managed Care. "Those who took it more than half the time -- they got more like an 80 percent drop."It also suggests that people do not need to take a name-brand statin drug -- which Dudl said costs up to eight times more than a generic -- to achieve a major reduction in risks.

From Twitter:

Cameron Kaiserdoctorlinguist hey, lisinopril and lovastatin are $4 drugs at WalWart. cheap!

Ves Dimov, M.D.DrVes Yes. Pravachol (Pravastatin) is also $4.

Cameron Kaiserdoctorlinguist and benazepril! especially because in CA the 40mg lisinopril is *not* $4, for some reason .

Cheap three-drug combination helps cut heart risks. Reuters.

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