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A Central Place for All Your Google Files -- Google "Picker" shows all your Google files - to try it, log into Gmail, then click the link: -

Michael Jordan: "I’ve missed 9000 shots. I’ve lost 399 games. I’ve failed over and over again. And that’s why I succeed" via @SteveCase

Turn Google Docs into a Distraction Free Writing Tool

RT @paulocoelho: Don't worry about things money can buy. Worry about things money can't buy.

Google Squared: quality improvements, sorting and exporting - Have you find any use for Google Square?

TIME: The success of Amazon Kindle has spawned a raft of imitators. Here are 9 of the latest designs

It's All Android, All the Time: Google's Android OS is shaping up as the only decent alternative to Apple's iPhone

RT @dreamingspires: Presentation: A Pocket University - iTunesU of Oxford University

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