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Survey: 79% of American adults use the internet, 85% carry cell phones, 56% have a wireless connection. 48% of African American & Latino adults go online using a mobile device, compared with 28% of white adults. Pew Internet surveys find that 35% of adults use social network sites like MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Google Social Search: add a link to your Twitter page & Google will find people you follow & content they produce

Video: 11 Years of Google in 2 Minutes

Google Social Graph API - Find Your Social Media Connections

One of the nice things about Twitter is that it makes people who would not blog tweet.

Google not trapping users’ data: by making it easy to leave Google, people are actually less likely to leave Google

Google Social Search shows search results from your "social circle" - Try it here:

10 things Google has taught us - CNN - Among them, "Life is long but time is short."

"Day (or night) in the life of a nocturnist" - Musings from a hospitalist

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  1. may be you'd like thi one too : Healthcare and internet in the Netherlands :

    Gr Lucien Engelen