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A Fundamental Secret to Happiness? Get Enough Sleep (and exercise in the morning)

How big is a carbon atom compared to a coffee bean? from The University of Utah -- Learn Genetics portal from The University of Utah

The Beatles' "Hey Jude" Flow Chart

Michael Arrington: Don’t Be A Featured Loser: Facebook "Helps Out" The Unpopular

Who’s Talking About You on the Internet? - Tips how to monitor your online reputation.

Write Comments on any Web Page with the Sidewiki Bookmarklet - How to place your comment at the top if you own a site.

New Transparent Navbar Styles for Blogger-hosted blogs - The Navbar should be opt-in or opt-out...

RT @Neil_Mehta "Schools need to create guidelines for use of social media to manage risk"

(You can say I'm wrong but) I just can't think of social media experts as "rock stars"

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