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Health News of the Day is a daily summary made from the selected links I post on Twitter. It is in a bullet points format with links to the original sources which include 350 RSS feeds that produce about 2,500 items per day:

Hyperkalaemia caused by increased potassium intake of various "sports" and "detox" drinks

People who have had repeated flu infections or repeated flu vaccines may have some protection against H1N1 influenza )

The Healthiest And Unhealthiest States in America: Lists & Rankings

Cost of happiness discovered by Australian economist

'Fearless' 3-Year-Olds Might Be Tomorrow's Criminals

Kissing as an evolutionary adaptation to protect against Human Cytomegalovirus-induced teratogenesis

NPR: Ancient Egyptians Suffered From Hardened Arteries Too - NPR has a health blog -

Texting people to remind them to wear sunscreen daily actually works

Medical news tweets are not research articles - they are 140-character messages - please always go to the original source, links, etc. Tweets and links do not represent endorsement, approval or support. Image source:, public domain.

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