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From my Twitter account:

My list of allergists on Twitter - please reply to this tweet if you want to be included

A list of doctors on Twitter - 233 members - added one by one by Dr. Rana

Scobleizer really does not like Google Reader but he is not a typical user - Google Reader is not Facebook, etc.

Twitter drama: Fry ends row with Twitter critic - BBC

Are Twitter Lists Exclusionary? - No more than any other list.

@Doctor_V: list ranking will miss influentials in niche areas on Twitter, e.g. pediatric GI, allergists, etc.

How Twitter lists "define" you: "Wordle cloud of Twitter lists I am listed on" by Mike Butcher

"Understanding Alcoholism: Drunken monkeys of St. Kitts provide humans with a spooky parallel"

Bing for Mobile at

Why Steve Ballmer is no Bill Gates - Newsweek

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