The answer to: "I have an empty Kindle. What is a must-read book for flight to Paris?"

Robert Scoble was "stuck in a plane" before a long transatlantic flight and asked his followers: "I have an empty Kindle. What is a must-read book for flight to Paris?"

Here are the answers from the replies he saved in Scobleizer's Favorites:
  1. Calamity Jane cmcjane @Scobleizer The Brain That Changes Itself
  2. Jacob Nahin JacobNahin @Scobleizer what kind of a book are you in the mood for? Just finished Stephen R. Lawhead's "Hood" Good book!
  3. Brad Cantos bdc99 @Scobleizer A great book if you're interested in the US health care debate is T.R.Reid's The Healing of America. Informative, easy to read.
  4. Matt Perez matt_perez @Scobleizer "Boyd" by Robert Coram. Factual, full of surprises and well written. Somebody should make a movie out of it
  5. Alexander U Conrad darnoc .@Scobleizer Stephen Clarke's a Year in the Merde - great trans-oceanic read - especially for Paris flight.
  6. Eugene eugenephotoblog @Scobleizer I also highly recommend Cormac McCarthy's The Road. McCarthy's No Country for Old Men is superb as well. #reading #books
  7. Michael Kauffman michaeljoel @Scobleizer I could NOT put down: Cast of Shadows = Chicago + cloning + crime fiction / Kevin Guilfoile (kindle link)
  8. Martha Shaughnessy SFShag @Scobleizer Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik is GREAT
  9. Keane Li keaneiscool @Scobleizer "Elegance of the Hedgehog" - a brilliantly written French novel that was brilliantly translated into English.
  10. Eugene eugenephotoblog @Scobleizer you can't go wrong with the list of classics I have read and recommend here: #books
  11. Paul Gilbert RealPaul @Scobleizer My Life in France by Julia Childs
  12. Sam Glover samuelg315 @Scobleizer "Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown or "The Devil's Punchbowl" by Greg Iles.
  13. Tim Coldwell polit2k @Scobleizer Some recomendations here:
  14. Danielle Gauthier inkneesocks @Scobleizer Our Lady of the Flowers Jean Genet - written while in a French prison, very controversial
  15. tonyofla tonyofla @Scobleizer try FIRMIN by Sam Savage. Will change your world view of rats forever.
  16. Katherine C. James Kcecelia @Scobleizer Do u read novels? The Elegance of The Hedgehog would be fitting Paris bound:
  17. Christopher Burgess BurgessCT @Scobleizer easy - Generosity by Richard Powers - He is a national book award winner and great writer
  18. Derek Massey DerekMassey RT @AaronStrout: @Scobleizer Bring something light to counterbalance The Road.
  19. Rob Long rcbl @Scobleizer How about: Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik; The World at Night by Alan Furst; and Edible Paris by Clothilde Dusolier.
  20. judehere judehere RT @Scobleizer - True Compass Ted Kennedy
  21. Gayle Robin GRobin @Scobleizer Invisible, Paul Auster and Superfreakonomics.
  22. alexislyon alexislyon @Scobleizer The Four Chambered Heart, by Anais Nin. If it exists for Kindle:)
  23. Derek Quessenberry drquiz @Scobleizer you should check out Crush It! by @garyvee if you haven't already. I read a lil bit, very good. Been 2 busy to finish
  24. ★ Marc Eglon ★ MarcEglon @Scobleizer Try "Enough" by John Naish - best book I read this year. For fiction, try "Women" by Bukowski.
  25. Michael Mertens mikemertens @scobleizer Moveable Feast - Hemingway, The Piano Shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier - Carhart
  26. Anne-Marie Faiola brambleberry @Scobleizer The new Stephen King "Under The Dome" is incredible! Like a modern, revisioned "Lord of the Flies" for adults.
  27. Michael Reuter michaelreuter @Scobleizer White Tiger, by Aravind Adiga
  28. Bryan Mierke LocalVoiceJAX @Scobleizer wired for thought by jeff stibel
  29. Ben LaMothe BenLaMothe @Scobleizer I recommend "Viral Loop" by @Penenberg
  30. Ken Peters thinkBIG_blog @Scobleizer Robert, some reading suggestions for your flight to Paris...
  31. Jackie Daly Pelayers @Scobleizer Three cups of tea. Uber-must read. Have a good flight
  32. Sona Iliffe-Moon SonaMoon @Scobleizer How about 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' by Sedaris, 'Wind-up Bird Chronicles' by Murakami or 'The Alchemist' by Coelho!
  33. Tracey Segarra newsucnuse @Scobleizer the meaning of night by Michael cox is a wonderful read - engrossing and well written. But who has an empty kindle? Unheard of!
  34. Rami Taibah rtaibah @Scobleizer The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable Have a safe trip!
  35. Ryan Craver ryanmcraver @Scobleizer read super freakonomics
  36. Aaron Strout AaronStrout @Scobleizer @DerekMassey author Cormac McCarthy is a modern day James Joyce (but darker). Bring something light to counterbalance The Road.
  37. bookofjoe bookofjoe @Scobleizer William Boyd's latest book, "Ordinary Thunderstorms." A superb author's best book yet.
  38. Donovan Watts donovanwatts @Scobleizer The Pleasures and Sorrow of Work is a fantastic read.
  39. Michael Groner msgroner @Scobleizer I've been reading Too Big To Fail by Sorkin. Very interesting to get an inside look at how the financial crisis went down.
  40. Mandy Mladenoff mandyml @Scobleizer pillars of the earth!
  41. LoriMoreno LoriMoreno I third it! RT @KrisColvin @Scobleizer I second the motion for The Alchemist if you haven't read it.
  42. Thomas Christory thomaschristory @Scobleizer "le guide du routard" :-)
  43. Dr. Tom Guarriello tomguarriello @Scobleizer read this, Robert. You'll get a lot out of it.
  44. Hunt Henning  HuntHenning @Scobleizer I suggest snagging The Last Lecture or Charlie Wilson's War.
  45. Lori lorib100 @Scobleizer Here's a link to the book on Amazon...
  46. Gail R GailR @Scobleizer Rick Bragg's new novel (Oct 09) "The Most They Ever Had". Bragg 1 of best writers of deep south roots & a fave of mine
  47. Gary LaPointe GaryLaPointe @Scobleizer Have you read "The Victorian Internet" by Tom Standage? The story of how the telegraph changed the world. It's Kindled.
  48. Dan Shust getshust @Scobleizer Ever read The Ghost Map by Steven Berlin Johnson? Excellent.
  49. Rick Klau rklau @Scobleizer Daemon by Dan Suarez. Ultimate cyberthriller, and the sequel is out in a month (I've read both, they're awesome).
  50. Michael Webb spudrph @Scobleizer "A Movable Feast"
  51. Gurukarm Kaur Khalsa karma_musings .@Scobleizer I'm sure you're thinking business book, but I recommend "In Defense of Food". Eye-opening, well-written, important.
  52. Steve Frost csfrost @Scobleizer Book recommendation: The River Why - David James Duncan
  53. Lori lorib100 @Scobleizer "The Chopping Block" ... I want to read this one again!
  54. Dustin Hinton / Geek dustinhinton @Scobleizer "Don't stop the carnivale" by: Herman Wouk... Great book.. Lost gen writer
  55. Dan Bricklin DanB @Scobleizer Hey, Robert, why not try out my new iPhone app on the trip? Search App Store for "Dan Bricklin". Free & Paid versions. Enjoy!
  56. Pau N PauNUK @Scobleizer Read Vurt by Jeff Noon. Just brilliant, you should be able to read it in a few hours,very readable.
  57. Derek Massey DerekMassey RT @AaronStrout: @Scobleizer have you read The Road? If not, you MUST. <-- Agreed
  58. Laura Iriarte lauralovesart @Scobleizer The Alchemist by @PauloCoehlo or Johnathan Livingston Seagull by @RichardBach
  59. Marcos Baladron MarcosKBaladron @Scobleizer @PaulCarr 's Bringing Nothing to the Party!
  60. swardley swardley @Scobleizer : Douglas Parkhill, The Rise of Utility Computing, 1968.
  61. Alan W. Silberberg You2Gov @Scobleizer Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. Awesome read!
  62. susan tellem SusanTellem @Scobleizer Empty Kindle - try Middlesex - fantastic.
  63. Soulhuntre soulhuntre @Scobleizer Atlas Shrugged :)
  64. wx4svr wx4svr @Scobleizer iCon - Steve Jobs

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  1. I agree with LocalVoice. Read Stibel's new book "Wired for Thought: how the brain is shaping the future of the Internet".