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4 Ways To Make Use Of Twitter Lists

Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?

Does Text Paging Health Information Violates HIPAA Rules? by Dr. Wes

Doctors in Social Media Shouldn't Be Anonymous - It's personal decision but I agree it's better to post under your own name and I follow strictly this practice in my own work. Related: Anonymous Medical Blogger? Not Anymore and "Simply Fired - How NOT to Blog About Your Job. Especially If You Are a Doctor" -- I have been blogging since 3/2005, and I had to update all links to other blogs quoted in a post from 2005 - blogs die quickly, don't they?

“I just lost all my Google traffic – help!” - What to Do When Your Search Rankings Drop

Shared Medical Decision Making: Informed Consent vs. Informed Choice - There is a difference.

"Another Google Wave Use: Manhunt"

Oscar winner appears to be tweeting from jail: An inmate wrestles with his fear, boredom and remorse - CNN

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