10 Get Fit Tips for 2010 from ConsumerReports.org

Prticipation in sport is associated with a with a 20—40% reduction in all-cause mortality compared with non-participation. Exercise might also be considered as a fifth vital sign, according to the Lancet: http://goo.gl/gyxYf

The text below consists of some edited excerpts from Consumer Reports and is illustrated with Amazon products:

- Take the stairs. Just 7 minutes a day of walking up stairs may help protect your heart. Only 6% of people take the stairs in public buildings.

- Weigh in. 75% of "successful weight losers" weigh themselves at least weekly. Frequent weigh-ins help you keep small weight gains from accumulating.

- Lose the TV. People who lost 10% of their weight and kept it off for five years or more had fewer TVs in their homes than overweight people.

- Try exercise toys. Dumbbells, resistance bands, a jump rope, stability balls, and more can be used to keep your workout interesting, particularly if you work out at home.

- Use an exercise machine: a treadmill, a bike, a ski machine, or an elliptical machine.

- Do your chores. You can trim your to-do list and your waistline at the same time. a half-hour of dusting burns about 75 calories; painting and decorating, 90 calories; vacuuming, 105 calories; and lawn-mowing, 165 calories.

- Get the right shoes.

- Be more social. People are happiest when exercising with people in their age group.

- Join a close-by gym.

10 get-fit tips for 2010. Consumer Reports.


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