Memorable Quotes from Twitter

Memorable quotes and useful links from my Twitter account:

  • Gary Goldhammerg24khamr Predicting trends is a great gig -- when you're right you're a genius, and when you're wrong you're "ahead of your time."

  • Chris Saccasacca What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... until you Google the symptoms and become certain you must be dying.

  • Gary Goldhammerg24khamr 2010 prediction: people will realize that breaking the news is not the same as covering a story (at least I hope they do.)

  • Paulo Coelhopaulocoelho 26/12: An interesting life is full of questions. A boring life is full of answers.

  • Aaron Watkinsaaronwatkins Sign that times are changing: My dad and brother sitting in the living room having long conversation comparing their minivans

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