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If you spend too much time on Twitter or Facebook, please read this: No Twitter for a week by Matt Cutts

Phil Baumann on "Internet addiction": "The Web has begun to use me more than I use it"

"If you are healthy why are you taking 5 pills every night to ward off a heart attack or stroke?” - Define health? BMJ

"A Wiki About Doing Research"

How will Medicare's elimination of consult codes affect hospitalists?

PeRSSonalized Nephrology - journals and Web 2.0 resources

"These days, the voice component of a smartphone is more of a necessary add-on rather than the primary function" -- A Case for the Unsubsidized Nexus One phone from Google and

"Facebook is increasingly irrelevant to my world in educational technology" - Joshua Kim
RT @loic We've acquired Get ready to update 50 social networks from Seesmic    

Skiff e-Reader specs leave Kindle in the dust - Hopefully there’s a browser included to take advantage of this...
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