Digital piracy is rapidly spreading to books and e-books

From CNN:

Digital piracy, long confined to music and movies, is spreading to books. And as electronic reading devices such as Amazon's Kindle, the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble's Nook, and smartphones boost demand for e-books, the problem may only get worse.

Textbooks are frequently pirated, but so are many other categories including professional content, such as medical books and technical guides, a lot of general fiction and non-fiction. It really runs the gamut.

Some authors have even gone as far as to shrug off e-book technology altogether. J.K Rowling has thus far refused to make any of her Harry Potter books available digitally because of piracy fears.

However, Amazon reports that Kindle owners buy, on average, 3.1 times as many books on the site as other customers.

Digital piracy hits the e-book industry. CNN.


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