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Health News of the Day is a daily summary made from the selected links I post on Twitter. It is in bullet-point format with links to the original sources which include 350 RSS feeds that produce about 2,500 items per day:

Procalcitonin-guided strategy to treat suspected bacterial infections reduced antibiotic exposure in ICU by 2.7 days

Both low and high HbA1c associated with increased mortality in diabetes. Guidelines for minimum HbA1c value may be needed. Survival as a function of HbA1c in type 2 diabetes: U-shaped association, with the lowest hazard ratio at HbA1c of 7·5%

No sedation vs. interrupted sedation in mechanical ventilation was associated with fewer days on the ventilator. Lancet

One Bowl = 2 Servings. Puzzled? F.D.A. Weighs Update to Standard Serving Sizes.

Cymbalta (duloxetine), used to treat depression, fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, may also help low back pain.

Doctors were 30% more likely to recommend boys for growth hormone treatment compared with girls.

Can Foods Contribute to Infertility? Infertility seems to be more common in people with untreated celiac disease.

UTI therapy: backup antibiotics as delayed prescription can help to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use.

Medical news tweets are not research articles - they are 140-character messages - please always go to the original source, links, etc. Tweets and links do not represent endorsement, approval or support. Image source:, public domain.

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  1. Is there any possibility to view the entire article discussing type 2 diabetics and their HbA1c results? I did read the abstract and tried to read the entire article however it is a pay per view site.
    Thanks, Rachel Y.

  2. You can ask a medical librarian or try accessing the Lancet website through a computer at a medical library.