A Physician with a Smartphone: Endless Possibilities for Patient Care Improvement

"In this video, Ivor Ković, a physician from Croatia, talks about how he uses the iPhone in his daily medical practice. He shows how even simple technology (starting with SMS) changes work behavior of physicians and patients. He goes on to showcase some of the apps he uses and introduces us to "Little Anne". But the most interesting part of the video is possibly where Ivor shows his own innovation on how the iPhone can be used to deliver quality CPR."

There are several health-related talks from Mobile Monday Amsterdam 2010 available on YouTube at http://bit.ly/c0bMF0


  1. Thanks Dr. Ves for posting this. Personally, I think this is the most comprehensive video on the benefits of mobile health for patients and physicians. Its much easier to understand the avalanche of interest in #mhealth and the iphone after seeing Dr. Ivor Kovic @ivorkovic in action.

  2. Thank you Ves for posting my video.