Twitter vs. Google Buzz for team collaboration in medicine

A few thoughts from my conversation with the Australian ER physician and medical bloggger extraordinaire Mike Cadogan:

Dr Mike Cadogan - Taking advice from @scanman in the short term, and have disconnected Twitter to get a better feel of the Buzz thing. It was interesting to see the initial responses from colleagues about the tweets - but then they just got a bit overwhelmed watching one side fo a conversation and switched off. Instead I am trying to get them to join twitter...will see. Google seem to be highly responsive to change and I am enjoying the fluidity of teh Buzz response team at present

Ves Dimov, M.D. - Twitter is inferior platform to Buzz. Hardly suitable for conversation. Unless the Twitter team changes its structure, it will fade away and be replaced by Buzz and Facebook... I would get your colleagues to join Buzz instead and use the "group broadcasting" feature - it should work great for work collaboration as well.

Dr Mike Cadogan - It does feel nice to be able to add more context in the conversation, I will go that route!

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