Two fish dishes per week can help your heart

From CNN:

Most Americans eat very little fish compared to chicken and beef (just under 7 pounds a year vs. more than 100 pounds.

Some farmed fish like tilapia and catfish have significantly lower levels of omega 3s than their wild counterparts. Experts say you should choose wild-caught species whenever possible.

Although most fish naturally contain omega 3 fatty acids, oily fish (such as salmon, herring, and trout) are the richest sources. Healthy people should consume two 3.5-ounce servings of fish per week, which provides approximately 500mg of omega 3s per day.

When cooking fish, keep calories in check by broiling, grilling, baking, or steaming it instead of frying. Fresh herbs, spices, and/or citrus contribute great flavor without an excess of sodium.

Try experimenting with different tastes -- add an Asian flair with a gingery teriyaki glaze or go Mediterranean with a creamy cucumber-dill sauce made with low-fat Greek yogurt.

An easy fish recipe to help your heart. CNN.
"Fishy treatment": Women (older than 49 yo) who eat more than 3 servings of fish/week are 16% less likely to experience a stroke. "Fish consumption in many countries, including the U.S., is far too low, and increased fish consumption would likely result in substantial benefits in the population". Reuters, 2010.
Five Fab Fish Dishes.
Fishing For Answers: How To Choose Fish and Seafood | Summer Tomato
Image source: Gadus morhua, Atlantic cod. Wikipedia, public domain.

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