David Beckham suffered 'total rupture' of Achilles tendon

From CNN:

The Finnish orthopedic surgeon who operated on Beckham for 50 minutes on March 15 said the injury was a total rupture of Beckham's left Achilles tendon. Beckham "probably knew there was no chance he could play [in the World Cup] when he arrived."

His injury occurred late on during Sunday's game against Serie A league opponents Chievo, as the apparent tendon rupture caused the midfielder to pull up while attempting to kick the ball, pain visible on his face.

Achilles rupture -- a tearing of the tissue connecting the heel to lower leg muscles -- can take months to heal, with physiotherapists advising weeks of rest before resuming even light exercise.

Doctors at his Italian club, AC Milan, have told him that, under their care, he should recover and be able to continue playing until he is 40.

They believe he's an 'extraordinary' athlete worth nurturing and that he will make a full recovery over the summer.

Beckam, age 34, said that he hopes to make a swift and full recovery. I wish him the same.

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  1. I feel a sorry for him. put yourself in his shoes, he missed out on the 2002 world cup from a fracture. he has worked so hard to get a spot in the England squad and it is most likely he will miss out on his last oppotunity to be in a world cup.