Are doctors ready for virtual visits? Telemedicine may not be accurate enough

Are Doctors Ready for Virtual Visits? Many fear telemedicine will jeopardize the doctor-patient bond. NYT

Telemedicine has a place for second opinion when initiated by a physician but primary assessment is more problematic. One successful example of telemedicine is Cleveland Clinic's second opinion service for physicians abroad. For reference, please see our blog post from a few years ago: Cleveland Clinic Offers a Second Opinion Online for $565

The accuracy of teledermatology was inferior to real-life clinic dermatology for melanoma diagnosis

CNN Video: Doctor will see you now -- on Webcam. Telemedicine takes a new turn. Now you can see the doctor while you shop, as CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Melanoma - JAMA Patient Page illustrates the ABCDE of diagnosis, 2011.
Skin cancer in the USA - follow Australia's successful "Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide" campaign - The Lancet, 2011.
Telemedicine boosting dermatology care: improved outcomes, with better diagnosis and disease management. AMA News, 2012.


  1. Thanks for the posting.
    I think there is something to this, although I like the human interaction with my doctor, I sometimes feel rushed.
    It seems like the wait time would be cut substantially.

  2. Yep, everything depends on how it is implemented. I'm sure it has the potential to make you feel even more "rushed", Don... :)

  3. From Twitter:

    @jonathandblack: if used properly, telemedicine can be great. when used improperly, it is an epic FAIL.