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This website "reports patient ratings and rankings of pharmaceuticals and prescription drug side effects. Database includes FDA-approved pharmaceuticals."

You can Search by Drug Name:

You can add ratings for the medications you take or look at ratings and comments from other patients.

For example:


simvastatin (scores rather low)

Please note that I am not sure how useful the site is, and obviously, this post is not an endorsement or recommendation.

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  1. Every patient reacts differently to every drug, and some patients don't fully comply with orders, which decreases the effectiveness of the drug. Also, the mental state of the patient plays a role. Lastly, since anyone can leave a recomendation, the drug companies can easily write 100 glowing reviews for their drug.

    This concept of the website scares me. I am all for patients taking control of their health, but this turns prescriptions into a popularity contest. This debate should be had with the doctor, who has years of medical background to make an informed decision

    Jesse Katz
    Founding Team Member

  2. "This concept of the website scares me."


    But does Wikipedia scare you too?... :)